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As a city and community, we face some extraordinary opportunities. I am confident that together we can transform Boston and move forward into a new era of accountability, transparency, and inclusion.
With innovation, courage, and a fierce belief in what we can achieve together, we can make Boston an even better place to live, work and raise a family. I look forward to this new chapter in the story of Boston. Please know that if I can be of assistance to you or your family, be it a constituent request or policy issue – I am ready to help. My door is always open.

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The ravages of the opioid epidemic have touched nearly all of our lives, whether personally or through a friend or loved one. It is a public health crisis of massive proportions, and the response to it must be a multifaceted effort that incorporates our partners at the federal, state and municipal level, as well as our public health officials, experts in recovery services, law enforcement and the community at large.


Boston contributes $85.8 million to the local assessment revenues of the MBTA — more than half of the total local assessment revenues collected annually. Despite the city’s hefty financial investment in the MBTA, we have no vote on the MBTA budget and no representation on the Fiscal and Management Control Board. 


“Every budget cycle allows the Boston City Council and our constituents to look back at how we invest in our services and resources for the City of Boston. Further, we also have another opportunity to look at where we can do better," said Flaherty. "This budget season is no exception - through funding our public resources, such as necessary improvements to our local library, infrastructure additions and installations to our neighborhood parks, Mayor Walsh and his administration continue to show commitment to the people of South Boston and its development through significant investments. Councilor Flynn and I will continue to work together to advocate for the betterment of the neighborhood.”

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