A Statement Regarding the MBTA

The MBTA is one of the lifelines of our city; when it doesn’t work, our city doesn’t work. The recent derailments and technical difficulties served as a painful reminder of that. Our residents’ ability to go to work, school, doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, and to simply navigate their own neighborhoods relies on a functioning, efficient and reliable public transit network. These base standards have not been met by the MBTA, and this fare hike creates an additional access barrier for commuters. 

Boston contributes $85.8 million to the local assessment revenues of the MBTA — more than half of the total local assessment revenues collected annually. Despite the city’s hefty financial investment in the MBTA, we have no vote on the MBTA budget and no representation on the Fiscal and Management Control Board. 

Restoring Boston’s role in the decision-making processes of the MBTA is an essential step to fixing the issues that have plagued the system for decades. It is incumbent upon the MBTA to give Boston’s residents a voice in the ongoing conversation about how to fix our ailing public transportation system. Boston's residents and taxpayers deserve it.

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