Voter Access

Michael believes that participation in local government is essential to a functioning, healthy democracy. As such, he has taken a number of steps to make it easier for Bostonians to participate in their government. Most of these efforts are handled by the Government Operations Committee on the City Council, which Michael leads. This gives him a central role in working to pass these laws.

In 2014, Michael led a Multilingual Ballot effort through his committee. This ordinance added many languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese, to the ballots in local elections. Michael firmly believes that Bostonians should be able to exercise their right to vote, regardless of their comfort level with reading English.

In 2015, Michael supported an ordinance creating early voting in Boston. He felt it was a priority to make it easier for people with less flexible schedules to be able to vote, recognizing that expanded early voting would greatly increase access to participation in our democracy for Bostonians of all backgrounds.

In 2018, Michael introduced an ordinance to Increase Access to Voter Registration through his committee. This allowed people to register to vote in municipal buildings across the city, making sure people can register to vote in their own neighborhoods.

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