Michael recognizes the drastic effects climate change will have in Boston, and is taking action to both lower the city’s carbon footprint while also mitigating the effects of climate change on our city.

Michael supports establishing city-sponsored training opportunities for marginalized populations, including a Green Jobs Corps such as the one operated in Oakland, California. Years before City Hall launched Renew Boston Solar to encourage the widespread adoption of solar energy in Boston, Michael called for making Boston a hub of solar and wind power and related R&D activities.

Michael has supported legislation sponsored by the Mayor to require Boston buildings to publicize their energy and water consumption and encourage more efficient utility usage. Both existing buildings and new construction need to prioritize energy efficiency, and making utility usage data public will ensure that waste can be eliminated. Michael also supported the Solar Renewable Energy Certificates Revolving Fund, which purchases carbon offsets of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Michael has also worked with colleagues on the City Council to expand access and availability of electric charging stations for hybrid vehicles.

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