A Commitment to Grow Boston's Creative Economy

A 2009 story in the Jamaica Plain Gazette might have summed it up best:

"The creative economy (movies, video games and artists of all kinds, whether they be painters, graphic artists, musicians, craftspeople, writers, performing artists or architects) is a huge part of our city. The creative economy is a vital part of the culture that makes our city so great to live in. Flaherty understands this, and will work to ensure that these industries grow as he outlined in his plan to grow Boston’s Creative Economy."

Big Red & Shiny, a Boston-based non-profit arts organization and online art journal, wrote that Michael "raise[d] the bar of public support for artists and the arts, and all candidates and sitting policy-makers should take note," when he released his 10-point plan to grow the Creative Economy.

Michael supports the creation of a city cabinet-level level position that will directly oversee, coordinate, and facilitate all programs relating to promotion of the city’s artistic community.

"The creative industries are a crucial part of our state's economy, with a $1 billion statewide impact and over 100,000 workers in Massachusetts," Michael points out. "We must keep Boston at the forefront of the Creative Economy in both Massachusetts and the nation."

Michael's 10-Point Plan to Grow the Creative Economy

  1. Cabinet Level Position for Culture
  2. Budget Reform
  3. Services for Individual Artists of All Disciplines and Small Arts-Related Business Owners
  4. City Sponsored Annual Artist Day Event
  5. One Percent for Public Art
  6. Space for the Arts
  7. Space for Artists of all Disciplines
  8. Arts Grants
  9. Employment Support for Artists and Cultural Workers
  10. Engaging Colleges and Universities

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