Affordable Housing

As Boston deals with the consequences of expanding luxury housing, short term rentals choking the housing market, and rising rents across the board, Michael has been committed to taking action to keep people in their homes while creating new, affordable housing for working-class families around the city.

In 2015, Michael introduced an ordinance to strengthen the policies that require developers to set money aside for trusts that pay for affordable neighborhood housing. With development booming in Boston, Michael wanted to ensure that this wave of development did not leave behind low income and working-class Bostonians.

In 2017, Michael guided the Jim Brooks Act, dealing with Just Cause Eviction, through the Government Operations Committee. This ordinance went a long way towards giving tenants protections from predatory practices by their landlords looking to cash in on the development boom.

In 2018, Michael guided an ordinance regulating short-term rental units through the Government Operations Committee. The city was nearing a breaking point, with countless investors buying up rental units across the city to turn a profit on short-term rentals like Airbnb. The bill helped ease the impact of these practices on regular people trying to find an affordable apartment in the city.

As Boston becomes increasingly unaffordable, our elected officials need to make sure that families living in Boston can continue to raise their kids here and won’t face unjust evictions or skyrocketing rents. If elected to another term on the City Council, Michael Flaherty will continue to fight for affordable housing.

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