On the Issues

As Boston deals with the consequences of expanding luxury housing and rising rents across the board, Michael has taken action to help people stay in their homes while creating new, affordable housing for working families around the city.

Michael has been a longtime champion of the Community Preservation Act, and is now the Chairman of the Community Preservation Committee. As Chairman, he works to distribute money to affordable housing, historic preservation, and green space projects across the city.

As a city known for its world-renowned colleges and universities, Michael firmly believes we should be doing more to ensure our own children can access those institutions. He has long fought to improve the quality and equity of Boston Public Schools to meet that goal.

Michael recognizes the drastic effects climate change will have in Boston, and is taking action to both lower the city’s carbon footprint while also preparing to mitigate the effects of climate change on our city. He spearheaded a program that incentivizes Boston businesses to use renewable energy sources.

Michael was the first citywide elected official who supported marriage equality, back in 2001 when that was an unpopular position. Since then, he has been a leading voice in the expansion of legal protections for all members of the LGBT community. 

Michael has a long record of working to ensure all Bostonians are treated fairly, regardless of their immigration status. He has taken steps to protect Boston residents with Temporary Protected Status who have sought refuge in the city, and to ensure our local police are not working with federal officials on immigration matters.

Michael works every day to fight the opioid epidemic, support mental health efforts, and improve access to healthcare across the city. Every Bostonian deserves to live a healthy, fulfilling life and Michael will continue to fight for expanded addiction and recovery services, mental health resources, and to support our community health centers to achieve this goal.

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Michael prioritizes public safety. He supports a holistic approach to public safety, addressing crime and the underlying factors that contribute to it such as mental health and drug addiction.

Michael believes that participation in local government is essential to a healthy democracy. As such, he has taken a number of steps to make it easier for Bostonians to participate in their government. These include expanding early voting and creating more access to multilingual ballots.

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